5 Important Duratrans Printing Rules

Duratrans can be a great advertising tool if your company wants to attract attention. However, you have to be very careful when printing duratrans. Duratrans can be a bit more expensive than other marketing formats, and unless you are able to bring in a high return of investment, it may not be worth the time or the money spent in designing the duratrans.

When duratrans printing, it is important to remember that you need to catch the attention of the reader with only a glance. Plus, it should only take a glance for the reader to understand your message. Duratrans are generally seen by people on the move, and if your duratrans takes too much time to read, then the message will never be conveyed. Therefore, here are some tips for duratrans printing that you should take into consideration.

Keep Text Short
If your duratrans contains too much text, then there is a good chance that your message will go unread. You need to keep your text simple and easy to read. Limit how much text you use; it is best to have only about 1/3 of the duratrans be text, while the remaining 2/3 should be visuals.

Be Selective with Your Images
You should limit yourself to one or two images for your duratrans printing, which means that you need to be selective with the ones you choose. Not only should the image be high quality, but it should also instantly attract the interest of the reader. Lastly, the image should assist with getting your message across; an unrelated image will confuse readers as to what your duratrans is advertising.

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Limit Font Types and Sizes
In order to keep your duratrans attractive, you should limit yourself to two fonts and less than four font sizes. Keep in mind that the most important information ” i.e. your headline ” should be the biggest, and the other information listed on your duratrans should be sized according to importance. Make sure that you choose font types and sizes that are easily read from a distance.

Watch Your Colors
It is easy to go overboard on color if you are not careful, and too much color can be just as bad for your duratrans printing as too few. While your duratrans should attract attention, you want it to be the positive kind. Choose color schemes that go well together and make sure that your background color choices do not overwhelm your font color choices.

Try a Few Designs
If you have the time while designing your duratrans print, try coming up with a few different duratrans designs. This will allow you to see what color, font, and layout choices are most effective. If you have the time and budget, you could even test market a few designs to see which ones are most effective before you commission your final printing.

With these tips, you can design the perfect duratrans. Once you have developed a duratrans that is attractive and eye-catching, all simply need to find the perfect place to post it. Remember to hang your duratrans in high traffic areas where it can gain the most attention.



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